Lessons of the month – January

While everyone around me, were celebrating and welcoming the new year, I did not know what my thoughts were supposed to be. I made no attempt to force myself to write, because I knew, I was in the process of learning an important lesson. Every new year eve had more or less been the same [...]


Lessons of the Month – April

Dear Readers, This post has some of the toughest lessons that I had learnt in 2019. It had gone through too many drafts before becoming a post here. So did I. Some of the learnings from the draft versions of my life are here for you. Lesson 1: Forgive yourself I had always been a [...]

Lessons of the month – February

Dear all, Hope you are all doing great.This month was a roller coaster ride for me. However, there were some major takeaways too. Let's get into the lessons without wasting any time. Lesson 1: An Attitude with Gratitude I sometimes feel the lack of contentment in life. This February, was no exception. Mainly at times, [...]